• Driver - Part Time

    Posted: 09/10/2023

    Driver is responsible for transporting clients to and from various medical appointments and other appointments as needed.  The Driver completes assignments and all paperwork in a timely fashion.  
    • Responsible for transporting individuals with and without disabilities to various locations. This would include picking them up at their residence, driving them to their required location and picking them back up to take them to their residence.
    • Responsible to review and check transportation schedule before departure and to bring to the attention of dispatch and/or the coordinator any issues or concerns
    • Performs vehicle inspections and maintenance.  This includes ensuring the vehicles have the appropriate amount of gas, oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and that the handicap accessibility equipment is functional.
    • Cleans the interior and exterior of the TSA vehicle as needed and directed.
    • Notifies manager when the vehicle is in need of repair or service.
    • Maintains a driving log and keeps track of mileage on the TSA vehicle.
    • Inspects and completes an inspection form before departure and/or when changing vehicles.  Ensures that safety equipment is on-board and vehicle including tires are in good operating condition.
    • Makes copies and properly files all completed driver’s reports, transportation requests, and vehicle inspection forms.
    • Maintains contact with dispatch at all times, agency-issued cell phone must be charged daily and in good working order at all times.  If cell phone is lost or damaged the driver must report this immediately to the department manager. 
    • Ensures that any accident/incident is reported immediately upon return to the building, within one hour after the event.  A written accident/incident report must be completed and submitted to the manager within 24 hours.
    • Provides assistance to passenger with disabilities.
    • Makes any necessary changes, and notifies customers of any changes in arrival/departure times.
    • Responsible for maintaining good customer relations and services.
    • Must follow and abide by all driving laws including seat belt usage. 
    • Handles other duties as assigned.
    This position requires a High School Diploma or GED and one (1) year of experience in driving a van or bus.  Experience with working with the senior population is a plus.  
    The individual must possess good driving skills as well as good communication skills (both written and verbal).  The Driver should be familiar with the geographic layout of Wayne County with regards to streets, expressways, etc. Must know how to get to both VA hospitals and the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. A valid Michigan Chauffer’s license is required.  Preference will be given to those who have a CDL licensure, Class B with passenger endorsement. Must be able to operate equipment such as cell phone/two way radios, GPS Systems and general office equipment.  Driver must be First Aid/CPR Certified and  be able  to operate an AED.  Heaving lifting is required.  

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