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    Job Description
    The Installation Manager services both the overall business of the company and the needs of customers by overseeing and enforcing the high quality standards that define company installations and set the company apart from its competitors. This position is the lead and face of the company’s vendor management. The Installation Manager directs the company’s employees and install partners throughout the installation process to provide guidance and advice on a daily basis to ensure implementation of related management policies. This position works almost primarily in the field with minimal supervision or contact with a manager.
    Independently assesses employees and install partners’ installations and service calls to confirm adherence to operating practices and policies.
    Determines what action to take when issues present during the inspection process.
    Confirms that all company-branded work is OSHA-compliant and satisfies all other applicable laws and regulations.
    Evaluates employees and install partner performance and, based on the evaluation, has the authority to both manage the scheduling and distribution of installation and repair jobs and to make recommendations to management regarding retention and/or termination of an employee or install partner’s services.
    Works on site, directly with customers, to answer any questions, concerns, and assess satisfaction level as well as make any necessary changes to resolve customer concerns in real time.
    Negotiates and adjusts material pricing agreements with customers and makes additional sales recommendations according to an independent assessment of customers needs.
    Manages associated payment collections when necessary.
    Ensures that all materials used in the installation process meet company standards and, in the case of any defect or quality concern, is responsible for determining what steps are necessary to meet compliance/quality standards and maintain customer satisfaction.
    Required to perform installs, services and repairs with employees.
    Must have a valid driver’s license and be capable of driving to, from, and in between sites as needed.
    Completes various administrative tasks as needed.
    Other as assigned by Management.
    Core Competencies:
    Must have the ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently.
    Must be organized, self-motivated, and detail-oriented.
    Must have great customer service skills.
    Must be comfortable with negotiating and independently having the authority to make decisions to resolve customer concerns in real time.
    Education and Experience:
    High School Diploma and 2-4 years of related work experience is required.
    VSI, Airvent Certification, CertainTeed Certification, OSHA 10, Lead Certification (Will receive upon employment if not currently certified)
    Company Vehicle
    Gas Card
    Instant PTO
    Instant Paid Holidays
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