• Program Coordinator - MMAP

    The Senior Alliance
    Job Description
    Provides overall leadership and management for a specific local MMAP Site.  Provides direction and guidance to the MMAP Team Members at the MMAP Site. 
    • Works with Regional Coordinator to achieve MMAP mission.
    • Serves as a liaison between the Regional Coordinator and the MMAP Team  Members at the local site.
    • Assists in the recruitment of potential Team Member to ensure that s/he understands the responsibilities of the position and is willing to make the necessary commitment.
    • Provides new MMAP Team Members with an Orientation to MMAP and the local site.
    • Assists the Regional Coordinator in organizing Initial Trainings
    • Provides monthly Update Trainings for MMAP Team Members at the site
    • Provides technical assistance for casework including oversight of the work of the MMAP Team Members within the site, and is available to assist in problem identification, research and resolution.
    • Conducts annual assessment of the MMAP Team Members at the site.
    • Conducts exit interviews with MMAP members who leave the program.
    • Assists Regional Coordinator with outreach and program  publicity.
    • When counseling Medicare beneficiaries, adheres  to the same responsibilities and guidelines outlines in the MMAP Counselor Job Description.
    • Oversees Team Member compliance with MMAP reporting standards including confidentiality and timeliness
    • Ensures that MMAP Team Members document and accurately report their MMAP activities using the appropriate MMAP forms and on-line reporting programs
    • Oversees the provision of client satisfaction survey materials, at the request of MMAP Inc.
    • Attends semiannual MMAP Statewide Coordinators Trainings, the MMAP Annual Team Member Recognition, and other MMAP activities as required.
    • Forwards program communication and information to the MMAP Team  Members at the Site, in a timely manner.
    • Handles other duties as assigned.
    Ability to manage, lead and support MMAP Team Members and maintain MMAP program guidelines.  Successful completion of Initial Training for new MMAP Team Members; Ability and willingness to advocate on behalf of beneficiaries.  Good organizational skills.  Good written and oral communication skills. Demonstrates ability to problem solve and follow through  to resolution.  Willingness to conduct outreach and  network with local community groups on behalf of beneficiaries and MMAP.  Willingness to travel.  Volunteer management experience a plus.
    2 years experience in a non-profit environment with a community health and/or human services organization working with older adults. Familiarity with the aging network, community organizations and resources for seniors is desirable. 
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