• Title: Maintenance Specialist

    The Livonia Athletic District
    Job Description
    Start Date: 10.24.2022
    Hours: 15-25 (per week)
    Status: Non-Exempt J
    Job Type: In-Person
    Salary: $15 per hour

    Summary The Maintenance Specialist will help maintain the cleanliness of the Livonia Athletic District (LAD). The Generalist will have a range of responsibilities including janitorial services, painting, landscaping, mowing, and other project-based tasks facilities related. The Maintenance Specialist will directly report to the Generalist.

    Job Duties
    ● Unlock the building and disarm the alarm
    ● Walk through all gyms, and common areas to turn on lights; ensure everything is in order
    ● Sweep and mop floors in the lobby, main corridors, and bathrooms
    ● Clean the bathrooms in the lobby, main corridor, and in pickleball court
    ● Restock soap and paper products in all bathrooms
    ● Provide information to guests as necessary
    ● Perform a daily check on the exterior – walk grounds
    ● Maintained daily logs and work order summaries. Description of instances where it was necessary to work outside of normal hours.
    ● Prepare PO requests for items needed to service the building. Ex: Light bulbs, air filters, cleaning supplies, etc.
    ● Weekly check of all interior lights; replace bulbs as necessary
    ● Create a daily checklist for the above work.
    ● Refresh paint in various areas as needed and outlined by the ownership team
    ● Maintain inventory of small tools, equipment, fasteners, materials, cleaning supplies, etc.
    ● Maintain tenant signage ● Oversee cleaning and janitorial services Minimum Requirements
    ● Bachelor’s Degree Preferred; Work Experience Required
    ● 1-Year Successful Sales Experience
    ● Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills
    ● Highly Motivated and Target Driven
    ● Must have availability to work a flexible schedule (including evenings, weekends, and some holidays)
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