• Church Caretaker/ Facilities Manager

    Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church
    Job Description
    The primary job of the Church Caretaker/Facilities Manager is to keep the Church campus clean and aesthetically pleasing, while keeping the building and grounds safe and comfortable. This is an hourly paid part-time position of 20-25 flexible hours per week. There may be some weeks where more time is required depending on the activities of the Church.
    It is desirable that the Church Caretaker has one year prior janitorial experience, however specific duty training will be given. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. The Church Caretaker must pass a background check and have up to date COVID vaccinations. There is zero tolerance for using drugs or alcohol during or immediately prior to working hours.
    Skills Required
    • Planning skills – to develop weekly schedules of activities that coincide with ever changing Church events.
    • Must know how to prioritize work activities to get the areas of the Church campus ready for scheduled events, Sundays being the priority for the Church campus to look its best.
    • To be detailed oriented to attend to minor details while keeping focused on the overall cleanliness of the building and grounds.
    • To be good at cleaning and keeping things neat and in order.
    Knowledge Required
    • Basic cleaning methods and techniques to work efficiently
    • Hard surface floor cleaning and maintenance including but not limited to; moping, stripping old wax, re-waxing, buffing.
    • Bathroom cleaning including but not limited to; fixtures, countertops, tile, sanitizing sinks, toilets, urinals, and drinking fountains, clearing clogged drains when necessary.
    • Carpet vacuuming, edge cleaning, spot cleaning and carpet shampooing.
    • Glass cleaning
    • Dusting and keeping corners clean from dust and webs.
    • Setting and running programs for heating and cooling on the thermostats and boiler pump motor controls.  Training with systems will be provided.
    Personality Characteristics Required
    • Must be able to work independently
    • Must be a self motivated person
    • Must be a neat person
    • Must be task oriented and able to focus on completion of tasks 100%
    • Must be flexible, due to changing needs within the work week. Able to adapt to changes (weather, building use schedules, work loads) and still accomplish the weekly scheduled tasks.
    • Must be organized and follow a routine but remain flexible as stated above.
    • Must be cordial and personable when interacting with the members of the congregation and staff.
    • Must be watchful and proactive to situations and needs of the congregation members and building.
    • Must be respectful of people’s faith beliefs. This is a Church and meetings always include prayer.
    • Must be reliable and dependable to be on the job as needed (especially for staff meetings,)
    • Neat and appropriate dress is required, especially on days when interacting with the congregation. Torn, ripped, or severely worn cloths are not appropriate – however it is understood that getting dirty can be part of the jobs done.
    Abilities Required
    • Must be able to stand for long periods of time
    • Must be able to freely move in performing the various cleaning tasks
    • Must have an eye for detail and a mind for action
    • Should be able to lift up to 50 pound loads without straining
    • Must have reliable transportation
                Interested candidates are asked to call Pastor Kate Mackie at 734-422-0494 ext. 112 or email resume and letter of intent to kmackie@rosedalegardens.org.
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