• Painter - Crew Lead

    MacFarland Painting
    Job Description
    MacFarland Painting is looking for a motivated, full-time painter to join their team.
    Painters are responsible for painting and spraying the interiors/exteriors of residential homes and commercial buildings. The IDEAL candidate for this position has experience painting with various tools and in various heights/spaces, while being respectful of the property and client's needs.

    You MUST be reliable and deft, as well as possess great attention to detail in completing your duties.
    Our active goal is to deliver high-quality painting services to all of our clients.

    • Prepare surfaces for painting - sanding, removing wallpaper, etc.
    • Fill nail holes, cracks, and joints with putty, plaster, etc.
    • Paint surfaces according to instruction - using brushes, spray guns, or paint rollers.
    • Obey workplace safety rules.
    • Practice self-supervision on small jobs and ENSURE you complete each project in an efficient, timely manner.
    • Conduct walk-through with clients after EACH JOB!
    • Stain and Carpentry experience is a plus!
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