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  • Livonia Chamber
    Election Events

    Mayoral Primary
    Candidate Forum

    Wednesday, July 17
    Bennett Civic Center Library Auditorium
    7:00 PM

    Mayoral & City Council
    Candidate Forums

    Thursday, September 26
    Livonia City Hall Auditorium
    7:00 PM


    Primary Election Date
    Tuesday, August 6

    The Livonia City Primary Election is a nonpartisan contest where voters nominate the top two (2) candidates for mayor and the top eight (8) candidates who will compete in the general election in November. The incumbent City Clerk and incumbent City Treasurer are each unopposed in their bids for re-election.

    General Election Date
    Tuesday, November 5

    The Livonia City General Election is a nonpartisan contest where voters will elect the next Mayor to a four-year term, and four new members to the Livonia City Council. The top three vote-getters will earn four-year terms and the fourth-place finisher will earn a two-year term.

    Meet the Candidates

    Mayoral Candidates
    Maureen Miller Brosnan
    Bruce Tenniswood
    Laura Toy

    City Council Candidates
    Scott Bahr
    Gregory Coppola
    Jim Davis
    Rob Donovic
    Brian Duggan
    Steve King
    Brandon McCullough
    Eileen McDonnell
    Kathleen McIntyre
    Gerald Perez
    Nicholas Turco
    Leo Weber



  • Meet Livonia Candidates - Mayor & City Council

  • Mayoral Candidates Mayoral Candidates

    Name: Maureen Miller Brosnan

    Occupation: Nonprofit Leader and Executive

    Education: Divine Child High School; Central Michigan University (BA, Public Relations, Journalism); Michigan State University (MA, Journalism - coursework complete, thesis outstanding)

    Previous elected experience: Livonia City Council (1995-2003; 2010-2017); including Council President (2014-2015) and Council Vice President (2010-2011)

    Family: Husband Sean (deceased), Children Marie (24), Rory (21) and Ellie (17)

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: My favorite part of living in Livonia is that it really is the biggest small town you will find around. You cannot go anywhere without seeing someone you know or meeting someone new who you share a connection with already. And when you add to that our city has so many amenities—everything you need is here and everyone you need is either in town or can be. There is a great balance of convenience and community here in Livonia, to have this combination is truly what makes our city a special place to call home. 

    Name: Bruce Tenniswood

    Occupation: Retired Deputy Fire Chief - City of Westland Fire Department, currently a remodeling contractor with S&S Homes, Plymouth, MI

    Education: Wayne Memorial High School; Madonna University (BS, Fire Science, post grad studies in Business Administration); Eastern Michigan University (Graduate of School of Staff and Command; Post graduate studies Emergency Management), Baker College (Michigan Paramedic Certification) 

    Previous elected experience: My municipal government experience is from civil service, not an elected position. This election is the first time I have felt the inclination to use my administrative and leadership skills to manage the city I call home.

    Family: My wife, Donna Coppola and I raised our 5 children here in Livonia where they all attended Livonia Public Schools. Our family has expanded with our children’s spouses and 3 grandchildren.

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: My grandfather very wisely purchased a large lot on a dead –end street and built a home that could be expanded to meet modern standards of living. I love living in a quiet, peaceful, spacious subdivision with the best neighbors imaginable.


    Name: Laura Toy

    Occupation: President, Livonia City Council & Co-Owner, Cardwell Florist

    Education: Bentley High School; Schoolcraft Community College; University of Michigan - Dearborn

    Previous elected experience: Schoolcraft College Trustee; Livonia Treasurer; State Representative; State Senator

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: Easy: the people!

  • City Council Candidates City Council Candidates

    Name: Scott Bahr

    Occupation: Director, Barton Malow; previously Senior Portfolio Manager, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles​

    Education: Livonia Stevenson High School (Class of 1998); Kansas State University (BS, Mechanical Engineering); University of Michigan-Dearborn (MS, Mechanical Engineering) 

    Previous elected experience: Livonia City Council (2015-Present) Chair of Finance Committee, Vice-Chair of Economic Development Committee; President of Compton Village Civic Association (2004-14); Unelected Livonia experience: Planning Commission, Board of Canvassers, Livonia Community Marketing Consortium, Education Alliance, LPS Superintendent Advisory Board

    Family: Married 17 years to Jamie; Four children, ages 15-8

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: My favorite part of living in Livonia is the community spirit that makes Livonia feel like a smaller town than it is.  We are blessed with highly engaged citizens who take personal responsibility for their hometown, willingly volunteer for a wide variety of community causes, and hold their elected representatives accountable. This high level of engagement has always been and will continue to be key to Livonia’s success. 

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: The priorities that have always made Livonia attractive – exceptional public safety, excellent services, beautiful parks, and low taxes – are still in place and attracting a new generation of families.  This will continue as long as we keep electing leaders of integrity with a focus on government efficiency.  In my four years on Council, I have frequently been complimented by city employees and residents for my careful preparation, insightful questions, willingness to listen to citizen concerns, and a disciplined commitment to making decisions based on what is best for the community.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve. 

    Name: Gregory (Greg) G. Coppola

    Occupation: Business Consultant, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner

    Education: State College Area High School, State College Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania State University (BS, Accounting); University of Wisconsin-Madison (MBA, Finance); Certifications: Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Turnaround Professional

    Previous elected experience: None. Current Appointments with City of Livonia: Zoning Board of Appeals (Chairman) and Economic Development Corporation; Past Appointments with Village of Round Lake Beach: Police Pension Board (1995-1998)

    Family: Wife: Janet; Children: Andrew, Bridget, Heather & Patrick; Dog: Elsie; Cat: Fifi

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: The main reason my family chose to relocate to Livonia over 20 years ago was the plethora of available educational, entertainment, cultural and athletic opportunities.  With four children came a broad diversity of interests.  Livonia was and continues to be one of the few communities in Southeast Michigan that has “something for everyone.”

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: My over 33 years of experience as a banker, business consultant, trusted advisor, manager and leader has instilled in me a breadth of knowledge and skills that will allow me to be an immediate contributing city council member.  Further, my experience as a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, currently as its chairman, has exposed me to the workings of government and provided me direct impact into the community.  Lastly, my relationships with current and past city leaders will enable me to be effective in progressing matters important to the community.

    Name: Jim Davis

    Occupation: Retired Deputy Chief, Wayne County Sheriff's Office; Current Consultant for the Wayne County Sheriff's Office; Current Teacher at Wayne State University

    Education: Saint Agatha High School; Wayne State University (BS, Criminal Justice); Eastern Michigan University (MLS, School of Technology Studies); Harvard Kennedy School (Executive Education, 21st Century Leadership); Boston University (Senior Management Institute for Police) 

    Previous elected experience: None. 

    Family: Wife Elaine Davis of twenty-nine years, Children: Ryan Davis and Kaitlyn Davis

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: My favorite part of living in Livonia is our awesome neighborhood.  We have wonderful neighbors who are great friends!

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: I will bring my desire to serve and my knowledge, skills, and abilities. I have experience in and was responsible for making difficult decisions in a high-stress demanding environment. I protected our community while supervising a mortgage fraud unit holding those responsible for preying on our most vulnerable citizens, the elderly.  I protected our youth while in charge of the first Internet Crimes Task Force. I have enriched our community as a mentor at the Police Academy and at WSU where I teach about our Criminal Justice System and help students see how they can contribute to a public service role.​

    Name: Rob Donovic

    Occupation: Small Business Owner - Gjonaj Group

    Education: Livonia Churchill High School; Schoolcraft College 

    Previous elected experience: Mayoral appointed Livonia City Commissioner-Arts Commission

    Family: My family immigrated to America in the 1980’s from communist Yugoslavia. I have a dad, mom, and three younger brothers.

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: The strong sense of community, the quality of life, the people who make this city Families First. We have first class services from our first responders, the police and fire department, who keep Livonia safe every day. We offer our senior residents supportive services and are attracting new families to Livonia each day through our strong public schools. But my favorite part about being a Livonian is how we support our veterans. As someone who serves in the military, I believe it is important to support the men and women who served their country, and it’s up to us to now serve them when their back home. 

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: My family immigrated with nothing but an opportunity and work ethic that they instilled in their children. They wanted a better life for their kids, an opportunity for us to go to schools like Livonia’s, to have the freedoms that only this country offers. It’s why I joined the military and police department, and why I am running. I want to serve and give back. I’m bringing a servant leader work ethic and values to this position that the people choose. I want to represent my neighbors and work hard with a solutions driven approach and open door policy to work with everyone.​

    Name: Brian Duggan

    Name: Steve King

    Occupation: C.E.O. Dittilies Ltd.; Teacher; Builder​

    Education: Bentley High School (Student Council President); Wayne State University (BS, Kinesiology); Madonna University (Masters, Educational Leadership)

    Previous elected experience: Have run for office in the past and been elected to School board

    Family: Four millennial children. Two sons and two daughters

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: Family history. I have lived in Livonia my entire life and been able to contribute to improving the city in so many ways. Renovating 7 houses, Teaching in LPS and coaching thousands of children.​

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: I will have a positive impact as a council member bringing a different perspective to the challenges facing our ageing community. I have worked in the public arena my entire career and will be open minded an accessible.


    Name: Brandon McCullough

    Occupation: Facilities Manager - City of Novi

    Education: Livonia Franklin High School (Class of 2000); Lawrence Tech University (Construction Engineering); Certifications: Michigan Residential Builder, USGBC Leed AP, Certified Facilities Manager, Energy Star member. 

    Previous elected experience: None

    Family: Wife- Kacie McCullough (Franklin Class of 2002 and Current FHS teacher); Daughter- 4-year old Harper "Harps" Rose McCullough; Puppy- Charlie Bird Puppins McCullough

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: The People! I was raised in this City and the character and values I hold today are a direct correlation from my upbringing and education in Livonia. That's why my "FHS" high school sweetheart and I have decided to stay in our great City and raise our Daughter with those same values!​

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: In addition to my history: -Managed the construction of 70+ Habitat for Humanity homes. -Managing the Facilities Management, Parks Management and Operations divisions for Novi. -Currently serve as the Owners representative on projects; including current $11 million DPW project for Novi. -Awards: Novi Police and Fire Commendation, IFMA Facility Manger of the Year, City Employee of the Year, 2018 MML Green Communities Challenge Gold. The City is at a critical crossroad and we need people with a vision to move us forward. I do not hold an alternate agenda; I just want to use my experience and education to make our City the best it can be!​

    Name: Eileen McDonnell

    Occupation: Contract / Bid Administrator

    Education: Annapolis High School; Eastern Michigan University

    Previous elected experience: Livonia Public Schools, Trustee: 01/01/2012-12/31/2016

    Family: Robert McDonnell - Husband; Jeff Ellena-son, Angeline Chan Ellena- daughter-in-law, Colton Ellena-grandson, Allison (Allie) McDonnell-daughter

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: I love the small town feel in each neighborhood. Livonia is a big city with a wonderful sense of community.

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: I believe that with my experience as a former school board member and managing millions of dollars of municipal bids and contracts annually that I can bring a different perspective to the city council. I want to see financial data reviewed, discussed and disclosed at council meetings, especially at study sessions. Right now this is not happening and I am the right person to bring these discussions to the table. 

    Name: Kathleen McIntyre​

    Occupation: Retired Ford Motor Company Executive​

    Education: Livonia Stevenson High School; Michigan State University (BA); Michigan State University (MBA, Eli Broad College of Business)

    Previous elected experience: Livonia City Councilmember (2018-2019), Livonia City Council President (2016-2017)

    Family: Brian Culliton (husband); R. David Culliton (21); Patrick Culliton (16)

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: Sharing many of my favorite childhood places and experiences with my husband and kids like our beautiful parks and pools, the Spree, Bates, Hand-D-Dip Dairy Barn, Hines Park and people who care about one another and their community.  Now, as an adult I appreciate our low taxes, outstanding public safety and services, central location, thriving business community and having everything I need (groceries, retail stores, restaurants, financial services, car dealership) within a five or ten minute drive from our house.  I love being part of a community that supports its own Symphony Orchestra, Civic Chorus, vibrant senior center and where people feel connected and engaged.​

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: During the past four years I am proud that as an engaged and hard-working member of Council I have led or contributed significantly to the following: -Addressing the staffing challenges of Livonia’s Police and Fire Departments and seeking innovative ways to offer competitive compensation packages. - Redevelopment of vacant property at the former Washington and Clay elementary schools. -Redevelopment of blighted properties at Schoolcraft and Middlebelt with a beautiful, new Aldi’s, and at Seven Mile and Middlebelt with a Planet Fitness. - Unprecedented collaboration with Wayne County to accelerate repairs on Farmington Road.​

    Name: Gerald Perez

    Occupation: City of Livonia – Livonia Police Reserve Officer & Vehicle Maintenance (April 1994 – Current July 2019) Our duties as a Livonia Police Reserve Officer are to serve and protect the citizens of Livonia and to maintain backup for the Livonia Police Officers. As the Vehicle Maintenance Officer we ensure the police vehicles are operational in all aspects from radios, computers and rescue equipment. - Madonna University – Public Safety Officer (September 2016 – Current July 2019) Our duties as a Public Safety Officer are to ensure the safety of staff, faculty, students and resident students. In accordance with the Clery Act per Title IX. - A T & T – Manager (June 1969 – April 1998) My experience with A T & T was with several departments. Human Resources, Marketing, Network Engineering, Corporate Communications and Medical Departments.

    Education: Fordson High School (1966-1969); Attended Henry Ford and Schoolcraft Colleges (Biomedical, Business and Criminal Justice classes)

    Previous elected experience: I do not have any government elected experience. I am a former Board Member of the United Foundations and The Friends of the Rouge.

    Family: My family consist of my wife Polly and our son Aaron Palumbo and his wife Rosana and our three grandchildren Giovanni, Silvio and Rosalia. We lost our other son Max to the Opioid epidemic in 2006.​

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: My favorite part of living in Livonia is that it encompasses both city and country like atmospheres. I love the parks and all the different amenities that the city offers from the Senior Center to the Libraries and Recreational Center. Don’t forget all the special events like the Spree, Highland Games, and Christmas Tree lighting. The choices of restaurants and shopping stores are numerous also.​

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: People ask me why do you want to run for City Council ? I tell them I feel that I can make a difference. I want to be able to do what is in the best interest for the citizens not what I personally think they want. I know with my background of work and community service activities that I have been involved in. I will be able to do what is in their favor. I will always keep an open door of communications with the Citizens of Livonia.

    Name: Nicholas Turco

    Name: Leo Weber

    Occupation: Writer

    Education: Churchill High School; Madonna University (BA English, Business Minor)

    Previous elected experience: None, ran for mayor of Livonia in 2015 and for Livonia School Board in 1993.

    Family: Single​

    Favorite part of living in Livonia: It’s fairly easy to travel in the city, the area is clean, the streets are tree-lined, there is still a lot of wooded areas, there are stores of every variety, the library system is great, and the city has an interesting history. I’ve lived here for almost 50 years and most of my major life events have occurred here—it is my home for life.​

    What impact can you have as a city council member?: I’d like to follow in the footsteps of Judge James McCann in that he was almost steering the city as if he were the mayor with his input. I feel I’m intelligent, creative and engaging enough to be more than a ‘rubber-stamp’ or ‘bump on a log’. I feel that the budget should be purged of excess and from that savings, we could do things like put the money in a ‘rainy day fund’, give rank and file fire and police a raise, or give a $100 per year tax rebate to each home owner, or do all three.