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    Work part-time in our office and eventually shift to part time from home; contacting prospects to set appointments and agreeing to accept emails and info on our various financial service products.

    Target prospects are mostly members of our chambers of commerce and other trade associations we belong to, so calls are to a fairly warm lead. You would be briefly introducing us as a new specialized lender for their type of business and asking for a 15 minute meeting where principal can present our offerings. You would be encouraged to attend initial meetings, to understand what they entail and would be paid hourly for your time to do so.

    (We are NOT an MLM company)

    Our business is growing as we add financial service products to what we offer clients.

    In short, we:

    • Finance Small Businesses when banks won’t
    • Help wholesale and retail stores sell more product by becoming their in-house financing arm
    • Provide funding, at great terms to Fix N Flip investors to help them do more of each.

    Job Type: Hourly plus Commission (to start), with potential to move up to Draw-Commission upon success and eventually to full commission at* very high revenue shares on deals you close, which also includes commission on trailing revenues.*

    Comp: $15-18 / hour (to start, based on credentials)

    (PLUS) Commissions are paid on each of:

    • Appointment set and met
    • Leads generated from appointments met
    • Sales generated from those Lead(w/guaranteed minimum comp OR percentage of sale, whichever is higher)

    * Commissions trail your closed clients for life of your tenure with us


    • Phone Sales: 3 years referred (But looking for a great fit personality-wise)
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