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    LPS Education Foundation
    Job Description
    Category: Community Organizations
    The Executive Director is responsible for leading, supervising and administering all aspects of the Foundation; and determining the appropriate Board structure, while working in close collaboration with the LPS Education Foundation’s Board of Directors.  These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, leadership and management; fundraising and fund development; coordination of current and future Board programs;  Board relations and Board communications; public relations, marketing and communications; financial administration and legal compliance. The Executive Director reports to and supports the Foundation’s Board of Directors, with the Board members remaining the primary face of the Foundation to the community.  Read more…..
    Leadership and Management
    • Promote the vision and mission of the LPS Education Foundation.
    • Determine the appropriate board structure, including an Executive Board and committees.
    • Provide strategic planning and administrative guidance in conjunction with an Executive Board.
    • Oversee the daily operations of the Board and its committees.
    Fundraising and Fund Development
    • Develop overall fundraising plans; meet or exceed annual goals as approved by the Board.
    • Initiate and be responsible for fundraising efforts including major gifts, annual fund campaign, memorial and tribute programs, individual solicitations, alumni fundraising and corporate donors.
    • Manage data input for donor software database, alumni database, and corporate donor database; analyze data and identify appropriate actionable items.
    Coordination of Current and Future Board Programs
    • Develop goals and implementation plan for the Foundation’s distribution of Competitive Edge College Savings Program, identify resources to manage the program, oversee and ensure successful implementation.
    • Oversee the annual management of new enrollees into the Competitive Edge College Savings Program; ensure the email database is maintained; and updates are provided to parents on a timely basis.
    • Support the Grant Program as required by the Board’s Grant Director.
    • Provide oversight for the Board’s activities.
    Board Relations and Board Communications
    • Work with the Board President to ensure effective and efficient Board committee structure and operations, including coordination of committees’ work within and across the Board’s committees.
    • Assist the Board President and committee chairs in planning meeting agendas and preparing materials for Board meetings, committee meetings and the annual planning meeting.
    • Be responsible for the recruitment, selection, orientation and development of Board members and officers and ensure continued engagement of current Board members and officers.
    • Recruit and coordinate volunteers and ensure they are actively engaged in their chosen activities.
    • Provide regular updates of the Executive Director’s status and accomplishments to the Board.
    Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
    • Develop and implement a communications plan including timeline and marketing strategies.
    • Utilize awarded grants in promotional and marketing resources and provide appropriate recognition to sponsors of grants and Foundation events.
    • Oversee publication of annual report, event programs, brochures, flyers, newsletters, press releases and all other LPS Education Foundation materials.
    • Oversee the management of the Foundation’s website; all forms of social media; and management of email database.
    • Work in collaboration with LPS Communications Office to promote events and press releases.
    Financial Administration and Legal Compliance
    • Oversee financial procedures to ensure all are up-to-date and accurate.
    • Oversee and coordinate the annual budget and monthly financials with the Foundation’s Treasurer and Controller.
    • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in philanthropy and education foundations in general.
    • Oversee compliance of the 501(c) 3 status; timely and accurate legal and tax reporting; observance of LPSEF by-laws, and uphold fiduciary responsibility for donations and distribution of Foundation’s assets.
    • Proven management experience with strategic planning.
    • Strong marketing, public relations and fundraising experience.
    • Proven ability to effectively collaborate with diverse groups of people.
    • Effective oral and written communications skills.
    • Self-motivated, self-disciplined, and results oriented.
    • Familiarity with donor software.
    • Undergraduate degree preferred.
    This position will be part-time with a flexible schedule, including some evening and weekends.  Salary is commensurate with experience. 
    • Please submit a cover letter with your resume including 3 references to the contact information listed below.
    • Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2019.
    Lorna Durand, LPS Education Foundation Board Member
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