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    Job Description
    TYME is always interested in hiring bright, talented, motivated professionals. We have worked to make TYME an environment that recognizes dedication and rewards excellence.
    We encourage and employ a "Team-Work" approach in both the office and on job sites, which inspires innovation and a collaborative working environment for our staff. We are dedicated to empowering our employees to take ownership of their work and grow within their position.
    An Engineering Technician 2 (Lead Construction Inspector) enforces construction standards and code regulations while observing the construction of projects. General duties include reviewing project drawings and specifications, monitoring construction progress, and preparing daily construction reports. Types of projects typically include roads, bridges, highways and other types of transportation-related construction projects. An Engineering Technician 2 will typically report directly to the construction project site and primarily remain on-site throughout the construction of the project to accurately document the work performed. An Engineering Technician will often be the Lead Inspector assigned to a construction project and may supervise Engineering Technicians 1.
    The successful candidate will have Engineering Technician experience as referenced below:
    Performs inspections on construction project sites
    Interacts with the contractor regarding construction operations
    Monitors construction operations for conformance to the project documents
    Accurately prepares and submits inspection daily reports
    Reviews and checks inspection daily reports prepared by other Engineering
    Technicians assigned to the project

    Acts as the on-site liaison with client and community
    Organizes and maintains construction documentation
    Checks construction documentation prepared by Engineering Technicians 1
    Has a thorough understanding of project plans and specifications
    Thoroughly understands all of the material testing components for the work
    Assists Engineering Technician 3 or the Project Engineer/Manager with contract items
    Prepare, and/or check forms and other paperwork in a timely manner
    Attend seminars and/or training courses
    Maintain excellent client relations
    Maintain a safe working environment
    Minimum Qualifications:

    Must possess a current valid Driver's License issued by the State of Michigan;
    Must maintain a safe, driving record, free of accidents and moving violations.
    Minimum of High School Diploma or GED
    Advanced Education in Technical or Trade School classes is preferred
    Specialized knowledge:
    Sound knowledge and understanding of construction means and methods;
    Thorough understanding with Michigan Department of Transportation construction practices, manuals, guides and standards;
    Thorough understanding of construction jobsite safety requirements for personal protection and to determine unsafe working conditions. 
    Must have the skills to proficiently perform basic computer operations;
    Accurately operate and teach with use of all measuring, surveying, and engineering tools to record, check and document construction installations.
    Must have the skills to safely and efficiently operate a passenger car or light-duty truck on the open road and on construction project sites.
    Ability to perform high school level of reading and comprehension;
    Perform and check math computations;
    Understanding of units of measure;
    Ability to compute areas and volumes and perform basic conversations between various units of measure;
    Ability to speak fluently to express direction, thoughts and ideas;
    Ability to write neatly and at a basic grammar level to document the work in coherent manner.
    Other Characteristics:
    The ability to confidently and effectively communicate both verbally and in written correspondence.
    Provide direction to subordinates and relay information to superiors.
    Maintain a neat and presentable appearance pertaining to personal grooming, hygiene, and attire.
    Demonstrate and maintain a professional demeanor.
    Set an example as a positive role model for co-workers.
    Professional Certifications:
    Current Professional certifications are not required for employment; however proof of prior certifications are required along with the ability to achieve and maintain professional certifications for various construction inspection and material testing operations is required. These professional certifications include, but are not limited to:
    Level I Concrete Testing;
    HMA Sampling and Testing;
    Density Inspection and Testing;
    Aggregate Testing;
    Bridge Painting Inspection,
    Work Zone/Traffic & Safety Inspection.
    Minimum required experience includes 3 seasons of construction inspection work on various Michigan Department of Transportation roadway or utility installation projects.
    Working Conditions:
    An Engineering Technician 2 will be required to work outdoors within construction work zones on active roadways, bridges and rights-of-ways consisting of hilly, dry, dusty, damp, wet, swampy terrain and conditions. Weather and site conditions will include, but are limited to: heat, humidity, cold, rain, snow, and windy weather conditions. An Engineering Technician 2 will be provided personal protective equipment for their use while working around or within the conditions typically found on a roadway construction project including, but not limited to: loud noises, sharp objects, vibrations, heat, dust, smoke, and potentially hazardous conditions. An Engineering Technician 2 may be required to work on projects at various times throughout all hours of the day and night, all days of the week.
    Physical Requirements:
    Physical requirements of the job include working outdoors on an active construction site in all weather conditions; standing for extended periods of time (several hours); walking continuously for distances up to 2 miles; climbing ladders; bending, stooping, kneeling, and reaching; lifting objects up to 40 pounds.

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    TYME provides its' full-time employees optional Comprehensive Benefits Packages which may include Health, Dental, and Vision Coverage; Wellness Programs; Paid Vacation Time; Holidays; 401K Matching; and more.

    TYME is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer and will not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin (including those for whom English is a second language or who are legal immigrants), ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, pregnancy, childbirth, military or veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by local, state or federal laws.
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