• Toddler Teacher

    Garfield Cooperative Preschool
    Job Description
    Job assignment: Preschool Teacher Toddler Age (18-36 months)

    Length of time: School Year September-May; Thursday from 6:00-7:30 pm
     (prep time before/after class)

    About Garfield Coop Preschool:
    Our philosophy at Garfield Cooperative Preschool is to encourage the child's growth and self-esteem through preschool activities and direct parent involvement. We foster all aspects of the child's development, including cognitive, social, emotional and physical development with full sensitivity to each child's interests and needs. We work toward achieving these goals through discovery, exploration, and experimentation as well as manipulation of materials, decision-making, small group activities, and large group interaction. Small motor activities, abstract materials and an appropriate balance between child-initiated and adult-directed activities are used to help prepare the children to become successful learners in all aspects of their life. The total environment, including physical setting, teacher, equipment, curriculum and time structure, is carefully designed to communicate a feeling of welcome, acceptance, safety and security to your children.
    Teaching at Garfield Coop Preschool is an ideal position for an educator with deep passion for teaching younger children. Responsibilities of a Garfield Coop teacher include but are not limited to:
    • Planning, Preparation, and Instruction
    • Create a learning environment that supports the cognitive, emotional, social, physical growth of each toddler age child (18-36 months)
    • Design and implement lessons and activities that meet the needs of both the class and individual students
    • Establish a positive classroom environment in which all members respect and show kindness toward each other
    • Model conflict resolution and problem solving strategies
    • Establish a positive relationship with students’ families
    • Regularly reflect and make modifications to classroom practice
    • Work closely with lead teacher when lesson planning and preparation for school events throughout the year
    • Plan and carry out a curriculum that targets different areas of child development, such as language, motor, and social skills
    • Will report to the Executive Director and the Board Members of Garfield Coop Preschool
    Skills and Characteristics
    • Strong instructional and classroom community building skills
    • High level of personal organization and planning
    • Enthusiasm for working with young children
    • Positive communication with families and colleagues
    • Collaborative planning with executive board for school wide events
    • Creativity to adapt their lessons to suit different learning styles
    • Understand children’s emotional needs and be able to develop good relationships with parents, children, and colleagues
    • Exercise patience and be able to respond calmly to overwhelming and difficult situations
    Educational Background and Work Experience
    • Bachelor’s degree; ZA endorsement
    • Early Childhood, Elementary Education
    Highly Preferred
    • CDA, and 1 year of teaching experience
    Salary for this position is $17.00/hour
    To Apply:
    We encourage you to apply as soon as possible
    Job Type: part-time
    Preferred education:
    • Bachelor's with ZA endorsement
    • Or CDA
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