• Medical Coordinator

    Community Opportunity Center
    Job Description
    Hiring Bonus, $400 Full-time $200 Part-time

    General Statement of Responsibilities:
    The Medical Coordinator is primarily responsible for the health, medical care and well-being of each person in the home/s that he/she is assigned.
    Medical Coordinator will promote an unconditional “culture of gentleness” by using positive support and approaches and always treating people with dignity and respect.  She/he will adhere to COC policies and procedures, public acts, rules and regulations under which homes associated with COC operate, including directives and standards required by Managers of Comprehensive Provider Networks (MCPNs).
    Core Relationships:
    1. Reports to the Home Administrator
    2.  Maintains positive and professional relationships with persons served and family, guardians and Power of Attorney’s (POA’s), personnel throughout the corporation business partners and members of the community.
    Job Specific Responsibilities:
    1. Works in cooperation with each individual’s Physician and specialist to assure all medical needs are being addressed properly and timely.
    2.  Monitors staff documentation relative to the administration of medication by checking the medication book on each day worked.
    3.  Assures all staff is trained and aware of the medical needs of each resident as evidenced by their signature affixed to information presented.  Provides in-service training as necessary.
    4.  Maintains each person’s medical file, including chronological log of required exams, tests, and appointments and when each was accomplished, Standing Medication Orders (SMO), Standing Missed Medication Order (SMMO), prescriptions/side effects, weight is recorded as required, and other COC and Manager of Comprehensive Provider Network (MCPN) required medically needed documents as noted in the Medical Coordinator’s manual.
    5.  To the extent possible, schedule appointments to assure the least amount of conflict with other scheduled activities.  Posts appointments on a calendar that can be reviewed by staff.  Accompanies persons to medical appointments and hospital visits, and if unable, assures that the staff person doing so is knowledgeable about condition and necessary follow through needed.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to those noted below:
    1. Assures new medication sheets are in place as updates require.
    2. Assures all medications are available, match the medication sheet and prescriptions for each medication and side effects information is maintained.
    3. Files consultation forms in person’s medical books and assures timely follow-up as requested on consultation form. 
    4. Assures all special diet information has been reviewed with staff, posted in the diet book and diet is properly enforced.
    5. Attend to specific responsibilities on Medical Coordinator form that all Medical Coordinators review and sign upon hire.
    6.  Performs other necessary medical activities and ensures necessary forms and practices are implemented.
    7.  Performs other delegated assignments similar to those assigned to the Program Trainer.
    Risk Management:
     1.  Maintains a complete set of clear and easy to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the homes
     2.  Maintains a complete set of all appointments (daily, weekly, etc.), and related activities.
    1.   High school diploma or equivalent.
    2.   Computer skills necessary to maintain adequate electronic records and to provide reports.
    3.   Proficient with written and verbal communication skills.
    4.   Ability to work cooperatively in a multi-programmed service agency and to work independently. Exhibit emotional maturity and sound judgment.  Handles confidential information appropriately. 
    5.   Proactive approach to problem solving.  Ability to satisfactorily meet deadlines.
    6.   Must be at least age 18.  Have a valid Michigan driver's license and maintain the ability to be insured by COC's insurance carrier.
    7.   Be able to successfully complete all required Agency training in the required time allotted or provide documentation of previously completed training.
    8.   Be in good physical health with capability of transferring and/or lifting persons who require physical assistance.
    9.   Be flexible in his/her work schedule.
    10. Be capable of handling emergencies.
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