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Art and Culture

The Livonia Symphony Orchestra, celebrating its 40th season, is a professional orchestra, which performs at least five concerts each season at
the Louis Schmidt Auditorium at Clarenceville High School. For more information, visit

Livonia is home to an annual six-day community festival that attracts tens of thousands of people to Li
vonia's Ford Field each June for rides, games, events, live entertainment and food. The Livonia Spree culminates with a spectacular fireworks show that typically attracts more than 100,00 spectators. For more information, visit

Alexander Blue HouseHISTORICAL SITES
To preserve its rich history as a farming community, Livonia created the 103-acre Greenmead Historical Village, which includes a museum, preserved 19th Century homes and barns, and the beautifully restored Alexander Blue House. Also, the Wilson Barn on W. Chicago and Middlebelt is a preserved dairy barn that dates back to 1888. Today, it is home to several community events such as a summer farmer's market and full pumpkin patch.